Kingaroy at night

  • GEANT4 on Ubuntu 22.04

    GEANT4 on Ubuntu 22.04

    Geant4 on Ubuntu 22.04 build instructions for the discerning radiation transport modeller.

  • CERN ROOT on Ubuntu 22.04

    CERN ROOT on Ubuntu 22.04

    Occasionally someone asks me how to install CERN ROOT. If you are reading this, probably it was you. Sometimes it is me, but more than likely it was you. For the record, I don’t know how to install CERN ROOT, but at some point in the past I did. See below.

  • South of Eden, NSW

    South of Eden, NSW

    These shots were taken in what is currently known as Ben Boyd National Park, near Eden in southern New South Wales. Ben Boyd was a Scottish colonialist and is considered Australia’s first ‘blackbirder’, who shipped South Sea Islanders to Australia in effective slavery.  There is a movement to change the name to honour the original […]